Valuecorp | About Us
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About Us


Valuecorp has provided residential, commercial, retail, industrial and specialized valuations to all Banks and leading financial institutions at various stages throughout its business operations.

The company was founded by Robert Hecek in 1980 and Michael Anello joined the business in 1990.

The company previously known as Hecek and Associates, changed its name to Valuecorp in 2001.

The business has been involved in all areas of valuation including mortgage, government and private consultancy.

We are located in Gladesville, Sydney, in new modern office premises (built by Valuecorp), a location chosen for its central position and easy access to all major roads.

Valuecorp’s large team of fully qualified valuers assist our clients in making important informed property related decisions. Our staff are highly trained in quality control and risk management procedures ensuring our professional advice to you is reliable, accurate, fully researched and independent.

  • Major leading banks
  • Major public / private companies
  • Law firms
  • Developers
  • Government Property trusts
  • Private advisory services
  • Local councils

Key Functions of  Valuecorp and Expertise in the Valuation Industry

Valuecorp employs and engages a number of valuers covering all of the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Our business is well established (commencing 1980) and provide valuations for all types of real estate. Over the years we have assisted all major banks, originators, building society’s and mortgage insurers.

The level of expertise in our group is varied and extensive. We have also undertaken residential, commercial, construction and development work for large international banks and their clients. This is an area that involves valuation of all types of properties in all areas of the city and metropolitan including projections, cost evaluation and project value projections, advice on finished products, market expectations and demand to guide the project to successful completion and disposal.

Our database and expertise in this area is large and comprehensive. We are experts and possibly one of the most active valuers involved within the upper residential market of the North Shore, Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs as well as Southern Suburbs Waterfronts.

The information provided to us as a result of relationships with leading agents in those areas, enables us to have an edge in the Sydney Metro area. The experience to specialise in a particular market can only be gained by extensive years of constant coverage and knowledge in the area. Establishing good relationships with real estate agents in those areas is a major advantage.

Our commercial division provides tailored professional advice in a concise reporting format to enable the client to make informative assessments and decisions. We specialise in the sub $15 million commercial market and have no history of claims or pending actions.

We have a full understanding of the commercial owner occupier and investor markets, the demand drivers, supply implications, zoning and redevelopment considerations.

Over the years Valuecorp has implemented processes to train all staff to the highest of standards, be it basic residential or complex industrial/commercial valuations. Our trained valuers are sought after throughout the industry and many hold senior positions with a variety of property related companies.

We have taken on board several new graduates and developed training schedules to produce qualified and competent valuers within 12 to 18 months of employment. We do not compromise our standards and staff is trained accordingly by senior management.

Valuecorps team is dominated with senior valuers having extensive knowledge in their areas of operation, a high level of skills and the ability to solve issues quickly and effectively.

Key Aspects of Operational Capability of Valuecorp

Our location was chosen for economy and efficiency. By locating at Gladesville access and parking for all the valuers is simple and our premises are owned by the Company. With trimmed overheads, we are highly competitive.

To achieve efficiency we have, over the last 10 years, invested extensively in new, state of the art computer equipment and, with the aid of a full-time software expert, designed new systems and reporting formats, etc.

We have our own database with extensive sales data accumulated by our staff.  We are on-line to RP Data and access sales from the mainframe computer ex-Valuer Generals. We also have PIMS commercial sales and leasing on line.

We have an in-house research department with all relevant publications on all facets of real estate.  We are on line to Universal Title Searchers and obtain within seconds, Strata Plans, Deposited Plans and Certificates of Title etc.

We are highly geared for efficiency and professional service in this ever demanding industry.

Our internal quality control and compliance team carefully check each report prior to delivery to client.

Our valuers operate from a central professionally managed office providing all resources, mentoring and assistance.

Our growth has been consistent over the last 20 years attracting quality staff to join our team of professionals.

All valuers are fully covered under our Professional Indemnity Policy and are members of the API Limited Liability Scheme.

Our growth is proof of professional quality work and meeting demands.

We have excellent relationships with all Mortgage Insurers.

Valuation Exchange

Since 2007, Valuecorp has been a primary panel valuer for Valex, providing services to leading Banking and Financial Institutions.

We are monitored weekly on performance and quality control. Our performance statistics are competitive and we are leaders in compliance having the lowest return rate of all the primary firms.